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Throughout the year, we have a bunch of special activities, including retreats when we go away for a weekend.  Read the descriptions below for more information.

High School Fall Retreat (Casowasco) 

2017-2018 Dates: September 22-24, 2017

Where: Casowasco Camp, Conference, and Retreat Center, Moravia, NY

For Who: High School Youth (Grades 9-12)

What: The High School Fall retreat at Casowasco is an opportunity for our own group to get away, spend the weekend together without the normal distractions of life, and get to grow together and, most importantly, with God.  We discuss spiritual, topical, and cultural issues and have a great time.  Topic will be announced soon!

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Middle School Fall Retreat

2017-2018 Dates: October 13-15, 2017

Where: Gretna Glen Camp and Retreat Center, Lebanon, PA

For Who: Middle School Youth (Grades 6-8)

What:  The Middle School Fall retreat is a great chance for us to get away, hang out, get to know each other, and get to know God.  God has great things planned for each of us and time away gives us a chance to listen closely to what those things are.  Topic will be announced soon!

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Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser 

2017-2018 Dates: December 2, 2017

Where: Asbury UMC, Allentown, PA

For Who: Middle and High School Youth (Grades 6-12)

What: We hold a spaghetti dinner as part of Asbury's Advent Celebration, a kickoff to the advent season.  The funds raised are used for different things each year, depending on the need.  In the past, funds have been used to purchase new Bibles for the entire youth program and donated towards expenses for the West Virginia High School Work Week. 

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