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Your schools all have a unique identity, and part of that identity is found is what you use to represent you - your mascot! For 3 weeks, we’ll use the mascots of your schools to explore what scripture has to say about what we build, guarding ourselves against the enemy, and what God calls us to do. We’ll start with Northampton (Oct 13), move to Emmaus (Oct 20), and wrap up with Parkland (Oct 27). Wear school gear to show your pride!

October 13

The unique name "Konkrete Kids" is said to have come from the German immigrants who moved into the Northampton area for concrete work. They brought along the Germanic spelling of concrete: "konkret" and the school - where their children attended - eventually picked up the "Konkrete Kids" mascot name. Concrete was used in Biblical times too, including to build cisterns to collect water. What does an ancient concrete cistern have to do with how we live today?


October 27

The story goes that in the Trojan War, the Greeks gifted the people of Troy (the Trojans) with a large wooden horse. What the Trojans didn't realize is that the Greeks had soldiers hidden inside of the horse. When the Trojans wheeled the horse inside their city walls, the men hiding inside crept out in the dark of night, opened the city walls, and left the rest of the Greek army inside, where they overtook the city of Troy. What are you allowing into your life that could destroy you?

October 20

A hornet colony is created with and operates under a very particular set of circumstances. God's design for His creation is very intentional as well. What does that design look like; and what role do we play in it?

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