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Our daily updates won't have quite the same look as years past, but we will try to provide some pictures as the week progresses in the slide show below.




Sunday, July 16

After departing Asbury by 11 AM this morning, the final group of travelers arrived at Asbury UMC in Belington, WV shortly before 5 PM. After unloading our gear and setting up our sleeping quarters, we enjoyed a great dinner of casseroles. We completed our night by reviewing policies, project site safety and initial work assignments. We will depart by 7:30 tomorrow morning for our first day on site.

Monday, July 17

Today involved a little of everything. After starting out the morning with a devotion and prayer, we unloaded the truck and setup our site. Activities today included rough plumbing, rough electrical, trench digging (hitting WV rock ... of course), insulation, siding, roofing and beginning the installation of the ceiling.

Tuesday, July 18

Another busy and successful day on the job site ... rough electrical, roofing and rough plumbing were finished, the siding crew continued to make progress, insulation of walls continued, installation of the ceiling continued, and holes were dug for posts that are supporting the new deck framework. Our seniors also took their trip to Dairy King tonight, along with a quick stop at PMS (Philippi Middle School), where they have stayed in years past. Tomorrow will be busy again, with the evening meal being provided by Corley United Methodist Church.

Wednesday, July 19

It was a hot, sticky day in West Virginia, but also a day where a lot of work happened. Our youth-led siding crew finished siding on two sides of the house, our decking crew finished the deck and dug holes for a ramp, the electricians finished their trench, ran conduit and the primary service line, and then filled in the trench along with connecting the breaker box to the wires already run, and our interior crews hung walls and ceilings and completed insulation of the walls and ceiling. Our day ended with a trip to the Corley UMC Grove for a delicious dinner and a walk to the Belington Sheetz.

Thursday, July 20

A long day at the job site today but with much being accomplished. Siding is just about complete; most walls and ceilings have been hung; painting of the kitchen and bedroom has been completed; flooring was installed in the kitchen and bedroom; some cabinets were installed in the kitchen, along with the water heater; the ramp is partially completed; main electrical line was connected to the meter; some outlets, switches and lights have been installed, and even an outlet cover plate was put up.

Friday, July 21

As any Friday goes on the West Virginia Work Trip, it usually doesn't end on time and today was no exception. We completed the siding, the ramp, and railings for the deck and ramp, installed gutters, installed switches, outlets and lights, installed plumbing fixtures, installed cabinets and countertops, installed flooring, and finished painting. Looking at where we started in the beginning of the week, our youth and their adult helpers have given Roger, Penny and Lucille (the dog) an improved house. We're tired. Our bodies hurt. But with the help, support and prayers of our Asbury congregation, we have made a difference in God's kingdom. Thank you for all your support, and we also thank Asbury UMC of Belington WV for providing us a place to call home this week. We depart for PA in the morning and will arrive back at Asbury in the afternoon. We hope to see you on Sunday in church where we will have stories to tell!

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