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Our trip to serve God through building an addition onto a home is underway.  There is a devotional guide below you can use in your prayer time each day. We'll do our best to post daily trip updates as well!

To follow along with the trip on social media, or to post your own thoughts or words of encouragement, which will be shared with the group throughout the week, use the hashtag #WVWorkWeek2018.

Continue to keep this trip, its leaders, your fellow participants, and the family we’ll be assisting in prayer!





Sunday, July 15

We had an uneventful trip, which is great news! We’re settled into Philippi Middle School and ready to get started tomorrow morning. Tonight we talked about the focus of our trip: we’re building, but what are we actually building? Our project is only meaningful if we build with the hearts of servants. Can’t wait to start doing that tomorrow!

Monday, July 16

We had a fantastic work day. We framed 16 wall sections and have all walls up and in place. Tomorrow we'll start working on some interior pieces and pray that the forecasted rain doesn't make much on an impact. Tonight we had barbecued chicken made by our wonderful Kitchen Kweens and relaxed with some games in the gym.

Tuesday, July 17

Lots of different types of work today and some dedicated workers doing it! Digging holes, running electrical wiring, working on siding, installing flooring, and putting up roof trusses - there was a bit of everything. For dinner we were hosted by Corley UMC, which has been a highlight of the trip for many years. Following dinner, we went into the town of Philippi to go to Sheetz, the covered bridge, and other local highlights; and did our evening devotional time together at the gazebo in town.

Wednesday, July 18

Another great day on the worksite and working more on the tasks we started yesterday. The main structure of the roof is just about complete, the inside of the addition is insulated, we had a very hard-working crew digging postholes for our ramp, continued work on electrical tasks, and the siding crew kept working hard. The seniors on the trip got a special trip out to Dairy King, a local ice cream spot, this evening. In devotional time, we talked about how this trip is an amazing example of what the kingdom of God looks like. We can't wait to start another day of serving in love tomorrow.

Thursday, July 19

Our week is almost over! We spent the day working on the deck, hanging drywall, roofing, and working on siding. We made lots of progress and are ready to finish the week out strong. On the way home from the worksite, our vans got stuck in mud on the side of the road after pulling to the side of the one-lane , gravel road we need to take to get to our worksite. Thankfully we got some help from our friends at Heart and Hand, and from some friends we made this week, who pulled them out and got us rolling again.

Friday, July 20

We had a great day to finish out our week of service in the name of Jesus! We finished roofing, 2 walls of siding, and much of the drywall and electrical. Now a team will come in next week to finish off the project. We've been blessed with a great week and were very blessed to serve the family we were connected with. At lunch, we presented them with a Bible and with quilts made by Asbury's quilters; and they were extremely grateful for everything we did, not just in terms of work, but in terms of the heart that we served with.

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